Texts Revealed

Ancient papyrus paper

Ancient papyrus paper



Within this page you will find downloadable books of ancient texts some pr-date the great flood one example of which is those books of Enoch that I have already read. We hope they will be useful in your study of the ancient past, especially when seeking the truth of things removed from all Bibles but yet as I find them they will be placed in public view for all to read without any sort of charge for these downloads.

PDF’s and word files, below free for download.

Book of Enoch


The Watchers – Enoch

Book of Jubilees – Enoch

Referred to in Joshua and second Samuel    FROM THE ORIGINAL HEBREW INTO ENGLISH (referenced in all Bibles but removed in 326 A.D. by the Council of Nicea.)
“Is not this written in the Book of Jasher?”–Joshua 10:13.
“Behold it is written in the Book of Jasher.”–II Samuel 1:18

Book of Jasher


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