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  1. This teaching makes to me extremely plain the sweetness of the truth of Yahuwah Amein, I have a few comments added to the different portions I will add below but mainly wished to paint a short but yet vivid mental picture of the fact that mankind is now in the end times, coming very close is all of our Judgements!

    Folks when it comes to entering heaven, I hate to be the bearer of bad news but as to the gentiles or christians, you are never entering heaven unless it only be through Yahshua haMashiyach Only!

    In the beginning the World was truly deceived by Constantine/pope/roman emperor, changing the word in scriptures changing the sabbath/shabbat, as well as many other atrocities as he was pagan people not of faith but pure evil and pagan only!

    The USA has in my own opinion become the new babylon without morals and without care of the poor much less caring for her own vet’s to whom are living homeless for the most part and many starving daily on the streets.

    Soon as they begin nuking each other us the USA, Russia, China, Spain, Japan, Britain, Israel etc…

    Yahuwah promised mankind with a rainbow that the earth would never again be destroyed by flood but the end would be by fire and brimstone, when the nukes begin blowing up, if your not vaporized immediately, you will see the fire and brimstone and as its written your going to be standing and your eyes will rot as your standing as will your flesh literally rot where you stand or move as the after effects of nuclear fall out as our leaders hide in the cleft of the rocks in bunkers paid for with our taxes etc…Yahuwah promises also that they’ll not hide long as they will be judged swiftly.

    It is no longer if the end is near, its here folks its only a short time longer as no man knows the time or exact place only Yahuwah.

    Repent now before its too late, ask Yahshua haMashiyach to come into your hearts, ask to be forgiven soon! Those whom are christian or catholic will not be ever entering the kingdom of heaven ever, you must be of Yahshua else the pit will be all your destinations.

    OUTSTANDING lessons of Truth in these studyings above, thank you sincerely Morah Nitza YIsrael for sharing here in Ancient Truths Hidden Ministry!

    Below are mixed with a few short comments further of my own and some of those key points I found as I was reading these lessons…:

    So, the generation that will see the fulfillment of a major prophecy should expect to see signs that will warn them of the coming fulfillment. The signs will be seen in the odd behavior of their prophets and in the environment around them. The signs will duplicate the fulfillment of the prophecy or their actions while the fulfillment is occurring.

    Chapter 8: The First Four Commandments and the Abomination
    There was abomination in the house of YHWH because the priests broke the commandments and changed the worship of YHWH. This apostasy occurred while the people were captives in Babylon. At the end of time, while we are living in Babylon the Great a similar apostasy occurs. The church and state create a new covenant when they change the law of YHWH and force the whole world to worship the dragon through these laws. They also change the first four commandments.
    This pattern also validates our claim that the breaking of the fourth commandment involves sun worship, or in our case, a change from the Sabbath to worship on Sunday, a day dedicated to the Sun. What is also remarkable is that YHWH described each abomination as being worse than the former. So the apostasy is complete when Sun worship occurs. Tammuz was the god of the sun, vegetation, death and rebirth. He rose from the dead every spring. He appears to be usurping the role of Messiah. The name of Yahusha Messiah is the name that we should call upon to be saved. Not Tammuz, the anti-Messiah.

    In the last days the mockers will essentially claim that the delay was from the beginning of creation.
    Know this first of all that in the last days mockers will come with their mocking, following after their own lusts, and saying “Where is the promise of His coming? For ever since the fathers fell asleep, all continues just as it was from the beginning of creation”. (2 Peter 3: 3-4)

    In punishing these nations YHWH seemed to be saying that the nations sinned when they took advantage of Israel. They should have helped her and comforted her. Instead they looted and plundered and laughed at her calamity. So, even though we will be persecuted, we should have pity on the nations when they are punished.

    Chapter 16 and 23: Babylon, the Mother of Harlots
    Babylon is described as two harlot sisters.
    Babylon and Her Daughter are Whores. Behold, everyone who quotes proverbs will quote this proverb concerning you, “Like mother, like daughter”. (Ezekiel 16: 44)
    Babylon is A Naked Whore. … They will take your sons and your daughters; and your survivors will be consumed by fire. They will also strip you of your clothes and take away your beautiful jewels. They will deal with you in hatred, take all your property, and leave you naked and bare … (Ezekiel 23: 25-26, 29)

    Burned with Fire. They shall not take a woman who is defiled by prostitution. … And the daughter of any priest, if she profanes herself by harlotry, she profanes her father; she shall be burned with fire. (Leviticus 21: 7, 9)
    The daughter of a priest who prostitutes herself is burned with fire. Babylon the Great has a religious origin so she is punished with fire.

    The King of Tyre. Verses 1 to 10 describe a man who wants to be like Elohim.
    … because your heart is lifted up and you have said, “I am elohim/god, I sit in the seat of gods in the heart of the seas; yet you are a man and not Elohim, and you make your heart like the heart of Elohiim. ” (Ezekiel 28: 2)
    It uses the same language that is used to describe the little horn power that usurped the throne of Elohim. (Daniel 8: 23-24; Daniel 11: 36; Revelation 13: 5-7; 17: 3)
    Satan. Verses 11 to 19 describes this same person as Satan who coveted the throne of YHWH. So, as he condemns the king of Tyre, YHWH is comparing his sin to the sin that caused Satan to fall. So YHWH merges the descriptions. Because, in the end, similar kingdoms will arise and emulate Satan and YHWH will make them and Satan fall in the same way, and for the same reasons that He made the king of Tyre fall.

    So because you are lukewarm and neither hot nor cold, I will spit you out of my mouth. Because you say, “I am rich, and have become wealthy, and have need of nothing”, and you do not know that you are wretched and miserable and poor and blind and naked. (Revelation 3: 16-17)

    Seven Last Plagues. With pestilence and with blood I will enter into judgment with him; and I will rain on him and all his troops, and on the many peoples who are with him, a torrential rain, with hailstones, fire and brimstone. (Ezekiel 38: 2, 10-11,15, 22) In verse 13, This could be a coalition led by the USA, Spain and others. Note: More investigation will be done
    In verse 14 this is the Millennial reign. In verse 20, we find as stated in the Scroll of Revelation, YHWH’s response by supernatural power will be swift and immediate. In verse 22 We find sudden destruction.

    In Chapter 39, we find Yahuah dealing with Isreal and Judah,There is sudden destruction, the leader known as the anti-moshiach, since he is not thrown into the lake of fire until after the millennium and Gog-Magog war/rebellion, Aramaic Peshitta replaces Gog with China, making this a confederacy of Moslems, Russia and China, Mongolia in Aramaic Peshitta, Japan according to Peshitta, The ultimate purpose of the battle of Gog and Magog is to preserve Yisrael in the kingdom glory, reestablish YHWH among his people Yisrael, Deals with all 12 tribes, By definition, In verse 28; based on the full revelation of Scripture, “none of them” would mean none who are part of the elect remnant, since we know that many who hate YHWH and/His Son, will not be returning spirtually, or physically, and To start the 8th Day, with eternity being when all things become new, or are considered fully renewed.

    “To me the GLOBAL NATION OF ISRAEL, is Formost The GLOBAL Outreach of Israel as a Global Nation, depicted by the support of the masses of human beings the world over by the Facebook support Israel presently has today in the NOW!!!!”

    The Last Plague
    A plague and a rain of fire fall on the wicked when they surround the city of Jerusalem and try to attack the righteous.
    Now this is the plague with which the Master will strike all the peoples who have gone to war against Jerusalem, their flesh will rot while they stand on their feet, and their eyes will rot in their sockets, and their tongue will rot in their mouth. (Zechariah 14: 12)

    Who is the King of the North?
    One common interpretation of the identity of Gog and Magog is that it is the nations of Russia and China who will attack Israel during the battle of Armageddon. They are the kings from the remote parts of the north. Revelation clearly places the siege of Jerusalem by Gog and Magog after the millennium. Therefore Satan is Gog, the king of the North.

    In chapter 44 verse 2 YHWH said, this gate shall be closed, it shall not be opened, and no man shall enter in by it; because YHWH, the Elohim of Yisrael has entered in by it, therefore it shall be closed, This was fulfilled when Yahusha entered the Eastern Gate as recorded in the Good News. Today the gate remains shut, In fulfillment of this prophecy. The Moslems think they have successfully stopped the coming of the “Jewish” “Moshiach” by cementing the gate in the middle ages and putting graves in front of the Eastern Gate, since no Torah keeping Jew–not to mention a priest–would step on graves. In fact they were merely being used to fulfill this prophecy, proving that the Moshiach had actually already come.

    Note also how all the feasts of YHWH are eternal, and have NEVER been set aside..

    In verses 22, The Moshiach walks the Torah walk, and proves He is the real Moshiach. It will be open to remind Yisrael of just how set apart are the Shabbats and New Moons.

    In Chapter 47 we find Symbolic of moving forward and never backward in our walk with YHWH, always following Yahusha as our older brother on a daily basis, we are sons of Yisrael, some to become Priests. He rules and reigns in right ruling, this is a prophecy stating that He will not abuse the people, unlike both houses in the days of their abusive kings.

    Note that believers in the age to come will divide the land and choose a tribe after their return. Many Ephraimites will be choosing a tribe, if one has not been revealed to them by the Set Apart Spirit.

    NO gate for Christians or gentiles, meaning all believer must be part of the Commonwealth of Yisrael to enter the New Jerusalem.

    7. Ephraim’s seed was to become “Multitude of Nations” meaning “a fullness of gentiles”

    2 Corinthians
    11:22 Are they Hebrews? so am I. Are they Israelites? so am I. Are they the seed of Abraham? so am I.
    Prophet Isaiah
    Realize who you are, through Yahshua we are Israel, the promise came on down though Ephraim
    You are Israel, you are from the tribe of Ephraim.Bless Yahweh Holy Name
    Thank you Yahusha
    Through Yahusha the garden has been restored, though Yahusha, we the people are found, we have been shifted among the nations, into the wilderness for safe keeping


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